Aigialeia is a charismatic place. Aigialeia’s products, of great variety and quality, and the local receipts, which match with the personality of the region, foster the gastronomic satisfaction of those who will be lucky to taste local dishes.

The Roditis wine, a white wine of distinguished quality and awarded internationally, is registered as wine of Protected Resignation of Origin Patra. The vineyard of Aigialeia has rare characteristics (oriented towards the north, special microclimate, ideal height and slope, protection form warm African winds) which create many quality wines registered as Protected Geographic Indication Hillside of Aigialeia. Almost every year wine producers win international awards.

The extra virgin oil has been always the basis of the local diet. The traditional cultivation of the olive its very old, and the cultivated oil varieties such as Koroneiki, Koutsourelia, Mothonia, Lianolia and Megaritiki provide oil of great quality. Very tasteful the olives called “tsakistes” (meaning crushed). At the flatland, the cultivation of lemons is very common.

The geography of the region combines a complete Mediterranean diet for the locals, providing fish from the Gulf of Corinth, exceptional dairy products, legumes and cereals from the highlands.

Rodozachari, a famous dessert is produced from the processing of rose petals in a monastery and other local producers. The roses are cultivated by the monks inside the monastery. Rodozachari can be eaten alone, or accompanied with ice-cream, panacotta, yogurt…

Many savors await the visitor:

  • Sea food: Bourgeto (from the Italian brodetto which means broth), cod fish with currants, cuttlefish with greens
  • Meat and poultry: rooster with chilopites (pasta), chicken with okra, rabbit in the oven with potatoes, baby goat or lambkin fricassee, baby goat with haricots, baby goat with oil and oregano, meat yulbasi (in paper bag)
  • Ladera (oily food): dolmas with vine leaves, gemista (vegetables filled with ingredients) with rice and currants, peas with artichokes, zucchini gemista (filled) with egg-lemon sauce
  • Pies and appetizers: green olives tsakistes, choriatiki with caper and portulaca, scrambled eggs with tomato sauce
  • Desserts: Greek yogurt with rodozaxari (marmalade made from rose petals) or honey and walnuts, chalvas

and many more.

Match each flavor with a local wine to complete the experience.