The Wine

The viticultural zone of Aigialeia is beautiful, but also particularly important.

Pausanias wrote in his “Achaica” about Aigialeia and its lands, while according to Stavroula Kourakou, honorary president of the O.I.V. According to the World Wine Organization, the vineyard of the slopes of Aigialeia “…from a soil-climatological point of view, is one of the most beautiful in the world, as it climbs the soft northern slopes and receives the cool sea winds that protect the fruits from the summer heat. It is a unique wine-growing bio-climate in the world.”

The vineyard of Aigialeia with its rare properties (northern orientation, special microclimate, ideal altitude and slope, protection from hot African south winds) creates many quality wines, recognized as PGI Protected Geographical Indication wines. Slopes of Aigialeia. Almost every year the winemakers of the region win world-wide important awards and firsts.

Basic characteristics of the local vineyards: