The Region


Tuscany of Greece

Some call the verdant slopes of Aigialeia the Tuscany of Greece, where many, different and often unexpected experiences await the traveler as well as the local.

Beautiful villages offer agro-tourism activities to get to know the cultivation, harvesting and processing of fruits. Visitable wineries mark the area’s wine tourism activities and local wine roads between the vineyards. Visitable olive mills show how the extra virgin local olive oil is created. Alternative museums, archaeological sites, monasteries and chapels, taverns in the countryside, traditional guest houses in villages, but also the Gulf fountain and many plane trees in the village squares complete the picture.

In less than half an hour one can be from the coastal to the mountainous Aigialeia or even to Kalavryta. The mountains and slopes plunge into the sea with gradients that compose a unique canvas of colors between the green of the fir and the blue of the sea. Between the folds of the slopes, seven rivers, the Aries, the Krathis, the Vouraikos, the Kerynitis, the Selinoundas, the Meganitis and the Phoenix. Seven rivers that create corresponding gorges and a lake, Lake Tsivlou, of rare beauty, while from above the fir forests of Zarouchla and Tsivlou, Fteris, Kounina, Lopesi and Krini wink at Corinthiakos and Central Greece, offering an incredible, mesmerizing view of the sea through the fir trees.

And inside the most beautiful of the gorges, in Vouraikos, alongside the European Path E4 of long hiking routes, one of the rarest and most beautiful railway routes in the world is hidden. The Odontotos railway, the youngest endemic of the canyon, has been rising and falling in harmony with the river since 1896, covering the 22.3 kilometers long and 750 meters high canyon from the seaside Diakopto to the snowy Kalavritas, over 75 centimeters wide, as a dream passage the narrowest cog railway in the world.

The History

In polity and governance, he founded the 8th c. bc. the First Achaean Commonwealth, based in Eliki and then Aegio, became the first federal republic in history, 2600 years before the USA. and 2800 years before the European Union!

Aegialia contributed to the liberation of the nation, maturing the idea and preparing the revolution of 1821 in the Secret Assembly of Vostitsa (Aigio), on January 26, 1821. It also contributed to the economy and development, producing and exporting the famous Vostitsa black currant, achieving for for many years rates of more than 50% of all exports of the country.

Aigialeia with unexpected and unforgettable routes, through olive groves and vineyards, Natura 2000 protected areas, rivers and gorges, lakes and mountain peaks, fir trees and waves invites you to explore it. To experience with delight and contemplation its monasteries and churches with their special architectural, religious and historical value.

Enjoy flavors and culinary experiences of quality local products and dishes. Experience myths and stories from prehistory and mythology to the recent past of our country. Live the way you choose, together with the people of Aigialeia who are the main advantage of your experience.

Simple and Unexpected, Aigialeia will Renew You with Experiences that Will Inspire You