An intoxicating journey into landscapes and flavors,
the wine and the hospitality of Aigialeia!

The oinoxeneia

A special event during the second half of August introduces us to a journey of taste and culture, where the tradition in viticulture and wine production in the beautiful natural environment meet the gastronomy, culture and hospitality of the region. 

Oinoxeneia is an innovative entailing cultural and gastronomic journey to the landscapes and tastes of Aigialeia, with many events of high aesthetic quality, such as wine tours, wineries to visit, concerts and artistic events, wine tasting events and gastronomic experiences in appointed restaurants.

Music and gastronomy nights, concerts, horseback riding tours, games in the vineyards, movie nights, local tastes and exceptional wines, artistic events and guided tours at the local wineries compose a great program for oenophiles and not only.

Program '22

Oinoxeneia 2022 – Flavors and memories
A celebration of wine, food and song.
August 18-31

The Region

The Wine

Our Mission

The Hospitality



DH.K.E.P.A. as the competent body of the Municipality of Aigialeia, the professionals of THE QUALITY NETWORK as well as personalities of the area, working together, plan and implement actions of culture, development and promotion of the region as a strong tourist destination for all seasons of the year. The Oinoxenia institution is implemented for the 9th year, aiming to highlight one of the most important wine-growing regions of the country, in a unique synergy between wine, gastronomy, culture and entertainment.