Kallisti Apartments

Kallisti Apartments, situated in Chelmos, Ano Diakopto with a view to the Gulf of Corinth, offers moments of relaxation and nonchalance in a magic landscape. The traditional design and cozy atmosphere of the newly built Kallisti apartments, categorized with 4 Keys, will offer you a very warm and satisfying accommodation. The hotel, tradition and modern, has 6 beautiful two-rooms apartments and one suite fully equipped to cover all your needs. The bar and the living room of the hotel gives you the opportunity to enjoy a coffee, traditional dessert, fresh juices and a drink relishing the beautiful view. 

Combining sea and mountain, the location of the apartments is tempting to go for excursions to the Cave of the Lakes, to take a ride with Odontotos and enjoy the journey through the Vouraikos canyon and finally go for skiing at Kalavrita. During summer visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches and the magic sunsets in Nikoleika, Akrata, Eleonas and Egkali. To not miss is the tour at the beautiful winery Tetramythos and the opportunity to taste the internationally awarded wines of different grape varieties. Additionally, you may visit the Agia Lavra Monastery just 5Km outside Kalavrita.

Ano Diakopto
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