Rira Winery

Rira vineyards (named after the location) have an acreage of 62,5 acres and are situated in the hills of Aigialeia with a view on the Gulf of Corinth. The owner Panagiotis Tsitsas, as a globetrotter and wine enthusiast, has planted 15 grapes varieties, local and foreign, creating a beautiful vineyard (2007).

The view is breathtaking as the vineyards cover the hill’s chine. Rira Vineyards aspire to produce wines which mirror the region and have a good price – quality relationship.

  • Coryphée 2017 (white, Gewürztraminer)
  • Pinot noir Rosé 2017 (roze)
  • Teddy Boy 2017 (Red, Agiorgitiko)
Rira Aigialeias, Aigio 5033


Teddy Boy 2017
(Red, Agiorgitiko)

Pinot noir Rosé 2017

Coryphée 2017
(white, Gewürztraminer)