Acheon Winery

With a long family tradition in Aigialeia vineyards (since 1946), the 3rd generation of the Katsikostas family, Sossana and Loukas, have took the reins of Acheon Winery since its creation in 2004. Acheon Winery aspires to select the best grape varieties in Achaia, even less common grape varieties such as Sideritis, and produce wines of fine quality.
Κρασιά Οινοξένεια
  • icon R (white, Roditis)
  • iron S (white, Sideritis)
  • Laura Nera (red, dry Mavrodafni)
Korinthou 121, Aigio
26910.28062 / 6983.069926

Laura Nera
(red, dry Mavrodafni)

Icon R
(white, Roditis)

Iron S
(white, Sideritis)