Kanakaris Winery

The KANAKARIS Winery is a family business which is founded in 1979. Based on the tradition of 38 years of continuous production in Aigialeia, since 2008 we, the third generation, are slowly moving forward to implement the vision of creating a small but a qualitative winery for the presentation of wines of small production but of great wine-making expression.

The vision for our wines is to be better every next year and always to travel further and further…

  • Malagouzia Kanakaris (white)
  • 103 Roditis (white)
  • 103 Merlot (red)
Old National Road Elikis – Diakoptou, 25100, AEGION, Eliki, Municipality of Aigialeia

Malagouzia Kanakaris

103 Roditis

103 Merlot